Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

YÖNET's practice on mergers and acquisitions encompasses representing clients in mergers and de-mergers, acquisitions, transfer of businesses and shareholdings in sectors such as real estate, finance, telecommunications, steel, media and energy. Our lawyers are well equipped with in-depth knowledge and professional skills required for conducting due diligence exercises, formulating corporate structures, drafting share purchase and shareholders agreements and obtaining regulatory approvals in respect of mergers between and acquisitions of, both closely-held and publicly-held companies.

Services YÖNET provides in this field include:

  • Preparation of due diligence reports and legal risk reports; 

  • Drafting of legal opinions on requested matters; 

  • Drafting, review, revision and finalization of introductory documentation such as MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), LoI (Letter of Intent), NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement);

  • Drafting, review, revision and finalization of shareholders' agreements (SHA); 

  • Drafting, review, revision and finalization of joint venture agreements (JVA);

  • Drafting, review, revision and finalization of share sale and purchase agreements (SPA);

  • Drafting, review, revision and finalization of asset sale and purchase agreements;

  • Active attendance and client representation in meetings and negotiations; 

  • Obtainment of necessary permits from and filing of notificiations to regulatory institutions; 

  • Preparation of relevant documentation and execution of necessary corporate transactions;

  • Execution of signing and closing phases;

  • Follow-up of contractual and legal compliance after the transaction. 

For more information on "Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Transactions in Turkey" please visit this page.

Corporate and Commercial Law

YÖNET's corporate practice provides its clients with advice and support on all aspects of legal and regulatory requirements concerning their businesses and day to day operations; including but not limited to company law, corporate governance, compliance, consumer law, competition law, licensing, distribution, employment, intellectual property and other legal and regulatory requirements.

YÖNET is involved in the fields of foreign investment, corporate and commercial transactions. As a full service Turkish law firm, YÖNET provides consultancy services to foreign investors to develop strategies for doing business in Turkey under the most suitable corporate structure with its experienced English speaking Turkish lawyers. 

YÖNET's corporate amd commercial practice includes:

  • Legal and strategic advice on investment in Turkey;

  • Company & Business Formation in Turkey;

  • Advising on the merits of Turkish Business Law;

  • Advising on Turkish Commercial Code;

  • Establishment of joint ventures;

  • Drafting the Articles of Association (Incorporation) and assistance throughout the incorporation process;

  • Drafting all other documents required for the incorporation;

  • Arranging Notary procedures and certified translations;

  • Assistance on the location of the headquarters;

  • Setting up an international bank account in Turkey;

  • Assistance on the appointment of the certified accountant.