YÖNET offers a wide range of legal services in relation with Sports Law including but not limited to drafting, negotiating, execution and termination of player contracts, structuring endorsement deals for clubs and individual athletes, assisting broadcasting rights arrangements, pursuing infringement against violation of trademarks and official merchandising and drafting article of associations and by-laws of sports clubs. We also provide regulatory compliance and licensing services and help clubs and players for relations with authorized federations.

Our lawyers also offer our services for work and residence permits and immigration of athletes as well as litigation and arbitration before the Turkish Courts, arbitral tribunals and CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sports).

In addition to our legal experience and knowledge, given the fact that, our senior partner Cengiz Yönet has been acted as executive board member and vice president in one of the most prominent Turkish Super League Football Clubs and still acts as President for a Tennis Club which is a member club of Turkish Tennis Federation, YÖNET has an insight on sports industry in Turkey.

Additionally, YÖNET advises media and entertainment clients on corporate, tax, intellectual property, trademark, copyright, competition and regulatory issues as well as on celebrity image protection, advertising and licensing. 

Over the years, our lawyers have been represented lots of musicians, actresses, athletes, directors, copyrighters, photographers and celebrities.

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