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YÖNET Attorneys at Law is a reputable full-service law firm based in Turkey.

YÖNET, with its highly qualified, experienced and solution oriented lawyers, provides top-tier and tailor-made legal services to the clients.

With its professional legal team, YÖNET focuses not only on solving existing problems but on preventing potential problems before they arise. YÖNET provides both consultancy and dispute resolution services in an extensive practice area.

Why Us?

  • We are a dynamic and innovative law firm with 20+ years of experience.

  • Over the years, we have became a local expert on Turkish Law related matters while building up a strong international practice thanks to our clients' domestic and cross-border transactions.

  • We understand your business and industry-specific needs. Our team consists of solution oriented, accessible, knowledgeable and business minded lawyers.

  • For us; every case, every legal document, every client is special and different than the other. We provide tailor-made legal solutions to each client according to her specific needs.


Where Are We?

  • We have offices in İstanbul and Konya.

  • We can provide our services all over Turkey.

  • We have a solid international network which allows us to collabrate and cooperate with lawyers from all over the world.

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