YÖNET Attorneys at Law has been providing legal consultancy and litigation services to many financial institutions, real estate investment trusts, joint ventures, cooperatives, contractors, civil engineers, architects, investment funds, companies, investors and real persons in the real estate and construction sectors for many years.


YÖNET Attorneys at Law, provides legal consultancy services to its clients in matters of determining the appropriate legal infrastructure in all kinds of real estate and construction projects, especially in factories, hotels, hospitals, residences, airports, shopping centers, power plants, and preparation and negotiation of all kinds of contracts, including engineering, construction, loan, financing, leasing contracts.


Our lawyers' experience in Construction and Infrastructure sectors is based on organized industrial zones, private industrial zones, project financing, purchasing, leasing, joint ventures and ordinary partnerships, real estate investment trusts, expropriation, confiscation without expropriation, dissolution of partnership cases, title deed registration and cancellation cases.