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YÖNET Attorneys at Law is one of the few corporate law firms in Turkey with a solid background and significant practice of employment law.


YÖNET Attorneys at Law provides legal consultancy and litigation services to its clients in all matters concerning employment law and social security law.


As YÖNET Attorneys at Law, some of the issues we provide legal services to employers law are as follows:


  • Preparation, review and amendment of employment contracts

  • Preparation, review and amendment of employee stock option agreements (ESOP)

  • Review and amendment of company workplace regulations/policies

  • Providing consultancy services on collective bargaining agreements and relations with trade unions

  • Immigration law (residence and work permit, special visas)

  • Termination contracts, termination and termination of employment contract

  • Dispute resolution, including litigation and mediation

  • Benefits and compensations provided to employees

  • Issues related to the prevention of discrimination

  • Issues related to occupational health and safety law

  • Issues related to social security law


In line with the regular legal opinions we give to our clients for whom we provide consultancy services, we can prevent many possible lawsuits. We aim to ensure that necessary measures are taken before a conflict occurs; after the conflict has taken place, it is to ensure the resolution of the conflicts in the best way.


And some of the issues we provide legal services to employees law are as follows:


  • Execution of litigation processes regarding severance pay, notice pay, bad faith compensation, annual leave receivables, overtime receivables, weekend vacation receivables, religious and official holiday receivables and all other worker receivables

  • Execution of lawsuits arising from work accidents

  • Execution of mediation processes

  • Examination of employee stock option contracts (ESOP)


Thanks to our offices located in Konya (Konya Law Firm), one of the most important industrial centers of Turkey, which hosts thousands of factories, SMEs, workers and employers in its organized industrial zones and private industrial centers; and in Istanbul (Istanbul Law Firm), one of the most important trade centers in the world, our lawyers gained a special experience in all matters related to employment law.

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