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Labor law is a set of legislation regulating the rights of workers and employers in the field of work. Both the protection of workers' rights and the protection of employers' rights are aimed within the scope of labor law. Labor law is a binding element in terms of the functioning of labor activities within the framework of the law. Considering that the employer has responsibilities to the employee or the employee to the employer, it is perfectly normal for the parties to have conflicts arising from these responsibilities. Minimizing these disagreements can only be achieved by acting in accordance with labor law regulations. In Turkish Law, issues related to labor law are basically regulated in the Labor Law No. 4857.


Labor Law Attorney


Lawyers who specialize in labor law and have knowledge and experience in defending the rights of workers and employers are called labor law lawyers or labor lawyers. Since the labor law laws will come into play in case the employer does not fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the employee to the employee or the employee to the employer, the need for a labor law lawyer has arisen in order to defend the rights of the employee and employer.


We all know very well that the economic structure we live in prioritizes material interests. As such, from time to time, workers' rights remain in the background. In order to gain more financial gain, employers can often ignore or ignore workers' rights. Some employers do this consciously in order to increase their financial gains, while others are not aware of the rights of the worker. In such cases, the protection of workers' rights is the duty of the state authority. The protection of workers' rights has been provided by some laws, but most workers, unfortunately, are not aware of the laws that protect their rights. At this stage, an expert labor law attorney can assist the worker.


Benefits of the Labor Law Attorney to the Employee


Disputes between the employer and the employee are often caused by the failure to fulfill the employee's salary and compensation claims. In cases where the worker cannot receive the salary or compensation for his labor, it is the most natural and legal right to demand this. However, the worker has to fulfill some responsibilities to the employer that will enable them to deserve a salary or compensation and to prove this. The reasons for the salary or compensation have been clearly set out by the labor law laws, but the main reason for the disagreements is the inability to fully understand whether these responsibilities are fulfilled. The employment law attorney comes into play at this stage. The process of collecting and presenting data that will prove the rightfulness of the worker is a very important issue for the course of the case. Labor courts make decisions based on the evidence presented by the worker or the statements of witnesses. The data collected by an expert labor law lawyer, which will be presented to the court, will greatly affect the course of the case. It is also very important that these data are presented to the court in an understandable way. Reconciliation is also possible at the very beginning of the conflict. Knowing the rights of the worker and getting help from a labor law lawyer during the reconciliation phase will give the worker an advantage in the reconciliation phase.


Types of Litigation We Have Experience as YÖNET Attorneys at Law

​ ​

  • Severance pay lawsuits

  • Notice indemnity cases

  • Work accident compensation cases

  • Claims for compensation due to occupational disease

  • Reemployment lawsuits

  • Lawsuits regarding the rights of uninsured workers

  • Lawsuits related to employment contract

  • Salary and wage claims

  • Cases regarding unused annual leave receivables

  • Cases regarding unpaid overtime wages

  • Cases regarding unpaid public holiday and weekly leave wages

  • Mobbing (psychological pressure in the workplace) cases


Konya Labor Law Attorney


Konya is one of the leading economic cities of Turkey with its population approaching 2 million and its developed industry. Hosting many organized industry and private industrial zones, Konya plays a major role in employing hundreds of thousands of workers. The biggest shareholder in the development of the city economy is undoubtedly the private sector employees. With our belief that the city's economy will grow even more with the protection of workers' rights, as YÖNET Attorneys at Law, we have taken an active role in numerous business cases in Konya with the best labor law lawyers in our team, each of whom is the best in their field. In this process, we experienced the happiness of fulfilling our responsibility towards the city of Konya and our fellow citizens with whom we share the same city. For this reason, our team of lawyers who are experts in the field of labor law will be pleased to assist you.


YÖNET Attorneys at Law - Konya Law Firm


If you have any questions regarding labor law cases in Konya, send us an e-mail to, call 0 (332) 237 39 01 or visit our law office located at Feritpaşa Mahallesi, Gökçebayır Sokak 3/A Selçuklu – Konya.

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